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More than eight years in the field of freight and logistics services worldwide, from North America to the eastern end of China. We guarantee the movement of cargo and Your investment!


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Over 1,000 railroad wagons, over 5,000 employees of the company, and about two hundred thousand people around the world using our services.

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For the eighth year, our company has been successfully conducting its business in the field of transport across the globe. Every day, hundreds of cargo containers are sent and arriving at destinations, increasing the percentage of impeccable deliveries and the reputation of our company.

Still not once the company failed to let its clients down,and did not give an occasion to our clients or partners to doubt our competence and professionalism. Always in time, always good.

As an integral part of logistics, transport requires approximately fifty per cent of the total cost of transport. Rail transport is one of the most adapted to this type of traffic, as due to the magnitude of cargo at a time and the relative efficiency of vehicle achieved significant cost savings. Along with this, the best routes and the exact timetables for transporting the product increase the company's total profits and make us one of the most efficient and productive logistics companies.


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Maximum sum: 25000 USD
Time of deposit: FOREVER
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Minimum sum: 25001 USD
Maximum sum: 250000 USD
Time of deposit: FOREVER
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